Daycare Operator arrested Over Defilement Of Baby in Lagos

The Lagos Police have arrested a Lagos daycare operator, over the defilement of a 21-month-old baby placed in her care.It was gathered that the baby was molested at the daycare facility in the Egbeda area of Lagos State, owned by the lady identified simply as Veronica. She was arrested alongside her brother who claimed to be innocent of the alleged crime. The Lagos daycare operator who denied the incident happened in her custody, was arrested by the police after the mother of the baby brought her home in the evening from the daycare and noticed she was running temperature. Upon being taken to a nearby private hospital after the first aid she gave her did not improve her health condition, a medical examination revealed that “she was bleeding from her vagina and her hymen had been ruptured.”

Christiana, a trader, who deals in shoes and clothes said “I usually took my baby to a daycare in Egbeda off Gowon Estate and would pick her while I was returning from my shop in the evening. I used to drop her with Madam Veronica, who operates the daycare. She also runs a primary school by the side. On February 12, I dropped her as usual and when I went to pick her in the evening, I noticed that she was running temperature. I gave her paracetamol but by the next morning, her condition had become worse. She could not stand or walk. I rushed her to the hospital. The doctor examined her and said she had been defiled. The doctor asked me to go and bring police report before he would treat her. I went to the Idimu Police Station and reported the case. The police asked me to take them to the woman’s house. They arrested her and her brother who was living with her.”

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