Port Harcourt Comedian and Content Producer Newman Chinda, A.K.A Newmanny Goes Naked On Stage To Protest Against Gov. Wike (photos)

Port Harcourt based Comedian and Content Producer, Newman Chinda, popularly known as Newmanny, has called out Gov. Wike in an “Open Online Unclad Protest” that is currently trending on facebook. In his Words….

Your Excellency Sir, Congrats on your Re-election.

Entertainment which is the bedrock on which a society thrives, should be prioritized in our very own Garden city.

From time past, we’ve seen how up and coming artistes run from Phcity and other states to Lagos which is said to be the “Centre of Entertainment”…

This didn’t just happen in a day…
Past administrations do well to keep Entertainment going and so they keep rising.

Your Excellency Sir, Phcity is a Renowned City in Nigeria and as such, we should keep up with that Honor..
Your administration has killed entertainment in the state rather than rejuvenate it, hence the reason people find a way to go to Lagos at every given opportunity..

There’s more to Government other than Patching of roads and renovating dilapidated buildings…

The past Governor Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi did well in the Entertainment industry in Phcity… Our Crafts flourished…
Carniriv which was observed yearly attracted investors who picked interest in investing in our Dear Rivers State.

Carniriv Fostered unity and togetherness amongst the people of Rivers amidst other benefits to our Society at large…

The young ones felt a sense of belonging as well as the aged..

Your administration has to a large extent killed the Entertaining spirit in our people..

The like of Mr 2kay, Dan D Humorous, Arinze Baba, Burna Boy, Duncan etc attained fame during Amaechi’s Administration Because of his versatility and deliberate empowerment of these Artistes (Up and Coming)

When Davido visited you, the pictures revealed how happy and excited you were hosting a Celebrity, another State Government made that possible by creating an enabling environment for him to grow his Craft and become the Super Star you were happy and quick to host.

There’s a million and 1 artistes better than Davido in Rivers State, but the lack of an enabling environment keeps them below the belt.

The Creative Sector is dead, only criminals are empowered and so every one would want to be a criminal to get a share of the cake, “This is Repulsive!”

Thank God you’ve called for peace and have decided for the inclusion of all parties for the smooth running of this administration putting Rivers State first.

And so I, Newman Chinda, a graduate of Theatre Arts, University Of Port Harcourt. I am asking you to appoint me your special Adviser on Entertainment and Creative Affairs. We know we have what it takes, both Academic and Exposure, we have capable hands in our Great Rivers to revive the creative sector of Rivers State. It is time for our youths to put their Creativity to work..

I ask for this appointment because I am tired of watching things go wrong, I think it is time for people who actually know the Job to speak up and be given the chance. I believe we can build our creative sector so we wouldn’t have to run to Lagos to make it.

Together, we will achieve all we set our hearts and minds to..
Leave sentiments aside, make me your Special Adviser on Entertainment and Creative affairs.

Let’s put Rivers State first and make it great again. I look forward to hearing from you. The World is watching!!

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