27 MAY 1967 | How Lt.Col Yakubu Gowon Murdered Federalism Of Nigeria – Tony Nnadi, LNC

It was the Creation of States on the 27th of May 1967 by one Lt.Col Yakubu Gowon that actually abolished the Regional Constitutions upon which the Federation of Nigeria was built.

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It was the Regions that were broken up to create States.

May 27, 1967 was the point the Federating Regions of Nigeria lost their Sovereignties and Autonomy to the rogue “Federal Government” which emerged from the July 29 coup of 1966 and which hijacked those Regional Sovereignties along with the Assets of the Regions.

May 27, 1967 was the point at which Unitarism was imposed in place of the Federalism agreed upon as basis of Nigeria in 1954 and given effect by the 1959 Lancaster House Conferences in London.

The same rogue Federal Government that emerged from the 1966 Collapse of the Federation of Nigeria kept breaking the States up more and more from the first 12 that were created in 1967 to the 36 caricatures we have now have, with a 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List which completely emasculate the already incapacitated States by the confiscation of the Key Economic Assets of the Regions along with the right to work those Assets. That was what hijacked the Oil/Gas Assets of the then Eastern Nigeria and subsequently the maritime asserts of both the East, Western and Midwestern Region all in the name of prosecution of the 1967-1970 War of Genocide against the East that struggled to preserve its Peoples from compete Annihilation. Those who celebrated the Creation of States and the Liberation by the Caliphate should now know that it was a heinous bogey to expropriate them and others and also to know that there is no other viable way to reverse the Slave-Status of the rest of Nigeria which is now being worsened by the clear and present danger of ethnic cleansing and the general existential threat posed by the Caliphate Southward murderous sweep, than by giving up the Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness foisted on all by the Caliphate.

Recently, General Yakubu Gowon confessed that the maiden States creation exercise of May 27, 1967 was a preemptive strike by the rogue Federal Government he headed, to prevent the then embattled Eastern Region from Breaking away as the Republic of Biafra.

It must be recalled that the Eastern Region’s decision to Declare it’s Independence from the Defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed since July 1966 was already taken by the Eastern Region Consultative Assembly and May 30, 1967 earmarked for the formal announcement.

Let it also be recalled that the it was at that 1967 Eastern Region Consultative Assembly that an illustrious Ijaw son named Chief Frank Opigo Proposed the name “Biafra” that was Adopted by the then Eastern Region as it was Force-marched into its Independence, to wage the campaign of self-Preservation for it’s Peoples who were being murdered massively all over Nigeria at the time in revenge for the unfortunate killing of leading Northern political figures which came with the January 1966 Coup.

We must know that the listing of 774 Local Governments which must get monthly money “Allocations” from the Treasure Loot of FG by virtue of the so-called “1999 Constitution” is an aberration and that the so-called “LG autonomy” is a compounding of the situation because the rogue Federal Government now hijacked by the Fulani Caliphate is by that rapacious move, taking over the control of the LGs from the already emasculated 36 “States” of Nigeria.

The depth of ignorance that inform the celebration of LG Autonomy is atrocious.

The Caliphate that hijacked the Defunct Federation of Nigeria since 1967 has progressively taken absolute control of assets, Powers, arms and tiers of governance whilst presenting Nigeria to the global community as “The Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

On account of the 5 decades of acquiescence by the entrapped constituent Components of Nigeria, the invading Fulani Caliphate has violently seized absolute power at the center, and is currently in the process of annihilating and completely dislodging the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria in order to become the new undisputed owners of the entire Sovereign Space the World calls “Nigeria”. That is the Fulanization of Nigeria that Obasanjo recently raised alarm about. The Islamization part is a strategy decoy. It is Ethnic Cleansing of all other ethnic groups by the Fulani Ethnic Group. Gen Danjuma raised this alarm in March 2018.

Let the Middle Belt know that there would be no remedy to the killings being visited upon them by the Fulani until something happens to restore to them the right to carry weapons and defend themselves and their ancestral lands from the murderers clearly identified by Gen Theophilus Danjuma to include a colluding “Federal Government”. Let the Niger Delta know that their Oil & Gas as well as vast Maritime Assets will forever belong to Jigawa and Kano as long as we continue the pretense and falsehood that what we have in place is indeed “the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, knowing the truth that Federalism was murdered May 27, 1967. (The dishonest and ignorant amongst our People still point at Ironsi’s Unification Decree No. 34 of 1966 as the point of demise of Federalism in Nigeria. The Question to such persons is: Did Ironsi tamper with the Structure of the Federation of Nigeria by that Decree No.34? If the correct answer is NO, then let us pose the same question for Gowon’s Decree No. 8 of May 27, 1967 to see the point at which the Regional Constitutions of Nigeria got destroyed).

Only the truth can save. Nigeria is dying from it’s many falsehoods. The Peoples of Nigeria now being murdered in mass by the rampaging Fulani Caliphate are also dying on account of the many falsehoods of Nigeria which they willfully imbibed. The United Kingdom of the British, Scots, Welsh and Irish is dying from the falsehoods Britain helped implant in Nigeria.

The Yoruba that today raise distress calls to the global community for an invasion of its Territory by Fulani Murderers must ask themselves why the truth of what happened to Yorubaland May 29, 1962 was allowed to be eclipsed by the falsehood of May 29, 1999.
The Yoruba should also ask whether those who now dance on the grave of Moshood Abiola in the name of June 12, are not also mocking them and the the rest of us, as the dancers adamantly refuse to reverse the damage done the Union of Nigeria, May 27, 1967 which was what Moshood Abiola laid down his life seeking to reverse? Yes I can as a witness to truth, now inform all of us that that was the crux of the Agreement between Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Abiola and the the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO). Everything else you have been told are the falsehoods of Nigeria by miserable opportunists who have now reached the end of their tethers and luck.

The LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners rolled out a Remediation Plan that entails the shooting down of the rogue Caliphate-Imposed Constitution 1999 of Nigeria along with the Unitary Nigeria it hoists which immediately halts the Caliphate and simultaneously restores the hijacked Sovereignties of the constituent components.

Built on a 5-Phase Strategy Framework spread over 20-years, this structured response was activated by the Joint Multi-Regional FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018 targeted the shutdown and derailment of the 2019 General Elections as a mechanism for triggering the logjam that will sink the fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

Those who who do not understand the horrendous danger encircling the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria are still in their slumber and discussing whose turn it is to President in 2023.

Those who know what is unfolding are advancing the decisive action processes to wind up the failed, toxic Lugardian Experiment of 1914 that goes by the name “Nigeria”.

The thickness of ignorance prevalent even amongst those from the South and MB with some education including PhDs is most amazing. I find no other explanation outside a heavy Caliphate spell and hypnosis and this Ignorance is the greatest capital and weapon in the hands of the Caliphate in driving their CONQUEST and COLONIZATION Campaign, far more potent than the guns and massive petrodollars the Caliphate controls.

Let those who wish to join the urgent Self-Redemption Task Imposed on the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria (South and Middle Belt) by the belligerence of the implacable Fulani Caliphate, make contact via info@lowernigercongress.org
Enquiries to : +234-810-056-9448
(whatsapp). Also
YouTube: Lower Niger Congress
Facebook: Lower Niger Congress
Website : www.lowernigercongress.org

Tony Nnadi
May 27, 2019.


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