Man Who Claims To Be Buhari’s Stepbrother, Attacks Him

A fan of President Muhammadu Buhari known as Datti Assalafy posted the picture of this old man who claimed to be related to the president on his Facebook page but Buhari’s aid said the news is fake.
Datti Assalafy said The man named Idris Usman is from Garin Gabas Twon, Hadejia Local Government, Jigawa State and he claimed to be stepbrother to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buharis father married the deceased mother of the 95 years old Idris before Buhari was born but they divorced and she went back to Garin Gabas in Jigawa where she gave birth to him. When idris was a child his mother sent him to Almajiri school and he didn’t go back until he was 35 years old. By that time his mother was late so he continued living in Garin Gabas, According to Datti Assalafy.

The man said their late father’s name was Usman and that he went to Daura with the intention of seeing Buhari but he met a grant son to Buhari, named Usman and they went to Daura emirate where they took a sample of his blood and gave him some money.

However in a response to Datti Assalafy, President Buhari’s aid on New media, Bashir Ahmad through his Facebook page said the news was fake. Buhari is not related to Daura Emirate and his late father’s name was not Usman and he doesn’t have any grandson living in Daura, therefore, the old man Idrs is not related to the president.

Bashir Urged Datti Assalafy to take down the story from his page and go back to that old man to get more information as to why he made such claims.

Bashir added that this is an attempt to tarnishing the Image of President Muhammadu Buhari and the president is in good terms with all his relatives.


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