Man releases Cossy Ojiakor’s s*x tape with dog (video)

Cossy Ojiakor is not done dragging Tunde Moshood after he threatened to sue, as she has also countered his claim of having sex with a dog after he shared a video from the dog-sex movie.

Tunde Moshood in the dog-sex video he shared, had claimed that the burden of proof lies with Cossy Ojiakor who he described as a pathological liar. He wrote;

Stop Press! The Burden Of Proofs On Pathological Liar, Cossy Orjiakor-Her Sex With Dog Controversial Video

Its been 10 years since we ran the Sex With Dog story of Nigeria’s No.1 porn star, Cossy Orjiakor. Good for her then, it wasn’t an internet era, so the story was good as being stale before she pulled her luck too far.

Ordinarily, I would have kept mute with all the name callings but having to drag my innocent daughter was going to the crescendo.

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than be saved by criticism. Those pushing you, won’t be able to help you by the time I finish with you.This story has come and gone but he who the gods will kill, they first make mad.

Sticking to good habits can be hard work, and mistakes are part of the process. Don’t declare failure simply because you messed up or because you’re having trouble reaching your goals. Instead, use your mistakes as opportunities to grow stronger and become better. Now Cossy Orjiakor, this challenge is for you, where was this movie shot, where was it released. Who was the producer, who was the director, who were your cast and crew.




Reacting to Tunde Moshood’s claim in the video he shared, Cossy Ojiakor wondered why a white man will pay a fully dressed lady $10,000 for a dog-sex scene. The actress who dared the journalist to sue, also slammed him for not paying after he allegedly sexually abused her since ‘sex is that lucrative’.

She wrote;

The famous movie …… without showing nipple.. pussy … fully dressed Oyibo pay $10000 according to tunde. If sex is that lucrative why didn’t u pay me for grabbing my boobs and wanking ur sperm even pour for my trouser ….. why didn’t ur micro dick ogar pay me instead of seizing my passport.

This is obviously not the real movie u must provide the one u talked about because the thunder wey go strike u is doing gym in my village…tunde moshood is a dog fucker…. I hope he has not infected his wife with dieaseas. Tunder type na pack and price … his type go allow another man fuck his anus for money…… today is tuesday oooo just paste the court papers make I show. Pls follow my other page @cossybarbie it is my picture page Incase u don’t like this angry cossy

Cossy Ojiakor fires back at Tunde Moshood after he shared video of her allegedly having sex with a dog (video)


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