US actor Malik Yoba removed from his Youth Leadership Role days after saying he likes ‘women with v*ginas and p*nises’

Malik Yoba has reportedly been removed from his Youth Leadership Role days after he came out as a “heterosexual” man who is attracted to male to female (MtF) transgenders and also admitted that he likes women with vaginas and penises.

In a recent interview with Atlanta’s V-103 Morning culture, the New York Undercover actor told host Big Tigger that he is not a homosexual because he is attracted to “all women”.

In another radio interview with Claudia Jordan – host of The Morning Rush With Claudia on 105.7 in Dallas – Yoba took it a step further, saying, “I love women with breasts and penises.”

According to a memo obtained by NewsOne, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., removed Yoba as a spokesman for the Sigma Beta Club program, which provides counseling and guidance for pre-teen boys and teenage males.

In the memo, dated September 5, and sent out to fraternity members, the organization decided to remove Yoba after allegations were made against him by Mariah Lopez Ebony, a former transgender prostitute who claims Yoba paid for sexual favors from child sex workers.

But the 55-year-old has since denied the allegations and threatened to sue bloggers and media outlets who ran the story.

Last year, Yoba revealed his 3-year relationship with a male to female (MtF) transgender. He introduced his Caucasian “girlfriend” who was born a male named Brad “BJ” Hendrix.

In a lengthy post which has since been deleted, he called BJ “the most incredible woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving. My truest reflection ever!”

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