Lagos is s big mess, Cursed by myopic and selfish leaders

Years back, they distressed our ears with ‘mega city”. After a lot of them travelled out and saw what mega cities looked like, the acronym was abandoned.
Lagos is s big mess. Cursed by myopic and selfish leaders.
You can’t access anywhere in lagos without hitch. I mean, no single place. From Lekki to the Airport should be an hour or less drive but you would be lucky to escape it in 4 hours. From Iyana ipaja to Oshodi is as chaotic as hell can be. From Ojota to Oshodi, a journey of less than 20 minutes can take you between 1: 30 mins to 2 Hours.
From Apapa to any place in Lagos is the worst experience you wouldn’t like to go through.
Those living at Okoko, Badadgry ,Eba, Alaba are now under a perpetual calamity. Their level of suffering depends on their destination.
Those living around ejigbo, igondo etc, your case is forgotten.
The citizens didn’t help matters. Lagosians are known to hype and glorify their myopic governors even when it was obvious the governors are working against the citizens.
Some of the roads that were accessible under fashola administration have been blocked and abandoned by contractors that worked for Ambode administration.
Going by the look of things, the present administration, who spent her 100 days in office denying her campaign promises, has nothing to offer to Lagosians.
So the worst days are coming �.

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