Chi-Ukwu vs Chi, {God vs Personal god} Do The Igbo Worship Many gods?– {must read!!!}

By Eze Nnanyereugo

Chi-Ukwu vs Chi
We welcome you today to this pertinent topic, which we believe is important for our existence, as a distinct people in the world, the Igbos are one of most populous black ethnic group in the world, the Igbos are well traveled people, vast and can be found in every field of endeavor across the world, they are synonymous with excellence, and also a very religious people or if I should say very spiritual.

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Due to the level of excellence, intelligence, energy, strong will, self reliance, pride, determination, e.t.c. naturally endowed in an Igbo man, the Western Europe see them as another Japan in Africa, and there seem to be this conspiracy in high places against the Igbo nation.

There is this widely believed notion, sold by the European Christian missionaries, that Africans {including the Igbos} worship many gods, as we proceed in this article we will seek to uncover the position of the Igbo people on this.

The precolonial Igbo man before the white Europeans ever come to west Africa believed in one supreme God who is the creator and giver of life, the Christian missionaries met a people with rich and proud tradition, who already have a concept of God and a well organised religion.

The concept of God in Igbo tradition is as old as Igbo people themselves, the Igbo man believe in one God {Chi-Ukwu} who is unseen, who is the creator, all knowing, all powerful, all good, all merciful, Igbo names like .. Chukwukelu, Chukwuka, Chukwudi, Chukwuma, Ikechukwu, Ifeanyichukwu, e.t.c. and every other Igbo names are like codes full of meanings, information and messages, so the above names says a whole lot, and a proof that the Igbo believe in one Supreme God,.. According to the Igbo believe this God {Chi-Ukwu} have other extensions or sons {Deities or what the Igbos call Arusi or Alusi} who does {performs} one specific work or the other, there re so many of the deities for different purposes, Note. The Igbo do not worship an Arusi, they only activate and prime it routinely with some ritual items for it to achieve a specific purpose, and when that purpose is not achieved enquiry is set up to ascertain why, and in some cases the Arusi is taken away, hence the saying “Arusi kpa ka ria ike egosi ya osisi eji pia ya”

In Igbo traditional believe “Chi” is an individual’s “personal god” hence the saying “onye na chi ya” one’s Chi is the determinant of his/her fortune, whether good or bad, some Chi are good, some bad, some strong, some weak, some brave, some awake, e.t.c.

Chi is a spirit part of a man/woman which follows him/her is not the human spirit but an accompanying superior personal spirit, that is believe to be a guardian being to the fellow, leading the way, clearing the path for him.

Ilo Uwa
In Igbo traditional believe and practice “Ilo Uwa” means “Reincarnation” the content of Ilo Uwa in Igbo traditional practice is different from the content of Reincarnation in Hinduism or Buddhism, in Igbo traditional practice “otu mmuo nwere ike Iloro karia otu mmadu uwa” that is to say, one person can reincarnate in more than one human, and “onye loro mmadu uwa bu Chi ya”, like when a child is born before the naming ceremony, the father or uncle will go in company of some of his kinsmen to a “Dibia afa” to find out “onye loro ya uwa” {who came back to the family through reincarnation} and will go to like 3 to 5 different places, when the outcome is the same, will know for sure who have come back to the family, and  there are ways in Igbo traditional practice to find out whether one’s Chi is in harmony with him/her or not, Chi {personal god} is who the Igbo man will create a front for usually at an ogirishi, umune, or any other tree to sacrifice to, and pray to for his wishes, is different from Arusi or Alusi,…  ” Chi onye, bu onye loro ya uwa ”

The distinction between Chi-Ukwu and Chi in igbo traditional believe and practice is clear, Chi-Ukwu is the creator and the God of all, while Chi is a personal god to an individual.

By Eze Nnanyereugo


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