A Land Full Of Potentials, But Without Leaders, The Great Igbo Race Beyond The Niger {must read}

By Eze Nnanyereugo

On the 16th of October 2019 that fateful Wednesday when a Tanker laden with petrol fell at Upper Iweka, bust in flame and it’s product spilled running through an open shallow drainage in flame leading to Ochanja market, houses, shops, cars, trucks were burnt to ashes, Ochanja market was burnt down completely, a woman and her baby, and a few other were burnt to ashes, goods, properties, resources worth trillions of naira was destroyed in one day, some Igbo men lost their 30 years work in one day, many were rendered hopeless, others homeless, yet others left with some permanent health problems .. Just take a moment think of  how diligence an Igbo man is, in nurturing a small scale business into a multi-billion naira firm, and after 30 years of diligent work, in one day a preventable fire accident destroyed it all, I couldn’t comprehend this.
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This fire incident happened at about 12:00 p.m  when the Tanker fell, Road safety personnel, Police and Civil defense officers were seen around, controlling motor traffic, and blocked the particular lane the Tanker fell on, and few minutes latter everywhere was engulfed with fire and the fire continue burning destroying properties from that time till the next day Thursday 17th October 2019 at about 12:10 p.m. the fire is still on even at the time of publishing this piece, people were watching their goods and properties burning, helplessly, no fire service showed up, the government of Anambra state made no attempt to stop the fire, obviously they lack the capacity to fight ordinary fire, what about other neighboring Eastern states, no attempt at all, the people of Onitsha were left at the mercy of the fire.







Taking a holistic analysis of these things, it draws my attention to the contemporary fact that the Igbo land is without leadership, in the past the Igbo nation use to have leaders, decisive, purposeful, trained, qualified, role models, they had it in Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dennis Osadebe, Nwafor Orizu, Micheal Okpara, Akanu Ibiam, Mbazulike Amaechi, Mbonu Ojike, Aguiyi Ironsi, Emeka Ojukwu, Chinua Achebe, Joseph “Hannibal” Achuzie, Dee Sam Mbakwe, e.t.c. these were men who led the Igbo selflessly with passion, were never subservient to any Oligarchy, under their leadership ordinary fire from a petrol laden Tanker could not have wreck such havoc in Onitsha.

The Bible book of Ecclesiastes 10 : 16 {AMPC} reads; 
Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child or a servant and when your officials feast in the morning!…  The Igbo are a great people considering their energetic abilities, diverse workforce, positive inclinations, excellence, achievements in every fields across the world, but the present Igbo nation has no Leader or Leaders the land is in disarray, dilapidated, in ruin.

The so called present leaders of Igbo nation are “Subservient” to some Oligarchies, feasting with the enemies while their land is on fire, the people are left without leadership, like sheep without shepherd, they are good at speaking grammar, gallivanting all over the world for one feast or the other, they re taxing the people to death, with all manner of taxes introduced, but basic life saving facilities are not in place in their various states, what a crop of wicked and selfish leaders is this?

The Igbo people have proven that they can be led, if there are leaders in place, they proved it during Nnamdi Azikiwe time, Emeka Ojukwu time and even now the level follower-ship following Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ready die for him have buttressed this point.

How can a few number persons be congregating calling themselves Igbo leaders, others are in government houses doing nothing, other than making sure that the real leaders of the people never have the chance to come on board and save the people,  these men are the main cause of 90% death and suffering in Igbo land.

With these men covering everywhere the future the Igbo nation is blurred, my heart is heavy thinking the way forward.

By Eze Nnanyereugo.


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