Davido’s Son Arrived The Day He Sexually Harassed Me – Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian Journalist Kemi Olunoyo has taken to Twitter to make us aware of some rare coincidence. She wrote ‘Davido’s son arrived the day he sexually harassed me’

Do you guys thinks this connotes anything?

Congrats to the couple!

See Kemi Olunloyo’s tweet below:

A year ago this day October 20th 2018, I was working as an entertainment reporter among many news beats I cover. Entertainment, Gossip, Celebrity Journalism focuses on what’s happening with the stars. Most Nigerians don’t understand this form of news yet they crave for it.
I worked alongside @enews @tmz_tv and @etalkctv while I was in North America. I was even the one who told you Chioma was pregnant and expecting a boy. Even @instablog9ja caused a #fakenews frenzy when I congratulated my God daughter Chioma on the birth of her child. I went to visit her and ppl saw the live video. Nigerian Illiterates think she’s the only Chioma.

The concept of entertainment news does not harm anyone if it’s the truth. If a newsmaker sees lies written, they can confirm or deny with the Journalist. I gave the Dakolos the same opportunity before Investigating them. As soon as I started revealing facts ppl said I was disgruntled because they didn’t grant me an interview. I have a job to do. I will look elsewhere for the information. RESPECT JOURNALISTS.

A David Adeleke close pal contacted me with info explaining why Chioma Rowland had not posted on IG for a month in October 2018. The source said he ALLEGEDLY locked her account and in the middle of a break up. Days later the @thecableng posted something similar and David tweeted at them threatening legal action. As a reporter, I posted the allegations. What made Adeleke disgrace me in front of 20 million is what surprised me? An American citizen on US soil will never get away with that profane sexual harrassment encounter online. I was doing my job and nothing gave him the right to degrade, demean or sexually harass me. David gave his fans a license to follow suit. He later went to call me #werey cheap drug user. I asked him several times to apologise but he never did. My 3 sons were very angry. A year later October 20th one of the saddest days in my life on the same day he announced the birth of a son. I hope his daughters never have to experience what I went through. #Sexualharrasment goes beyond grades, promotion, jobs etc. It hurts EVERYONE.
BEST WISHES David Adeleke

#DrKemi #KemiOlunloyo


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