Dwarf model, Fatima Timbo and Her Disabled Friend Show Their Dance Moves

They didn’t allow their conditions to weigh them down as they danced and danced while people watched them in excitement.

Fatima Timbo is a dwarf who refers to herself as “little woman living life without limits.” She’s TV Personality, a Dancer & a Model. She is a first class graduate.

She recalls how her parents chose to keep her when they discovered that she would either have down syndrome or be a dwarf:

“It’s dwarfism awareness month! There has been a lot of controversy on the subject of terminating a pregnancy knowing the unborn child will be disable.

Sharing my own personal story; My parents found out I would either have dwarfism or down syndrome when my mother was 6 months pregnant. They were given the opportunity to abort me and chose to not do so. I’m living a very fulfilled and happy life.

I believe every life is worth living no matter what form ‘hardship’ or ‘suffering’ a person with disabilities may face. I believe every life serves a purpose in this world”

Tobi Green Adenowo on the other hand is physically challenged. She has issues with her both legs. She is a freelance Wheelchair Dancer.

Tobi Green Adenowo refers to herself as the 1st disabled Black TV Personality.

Their dance moves got people wowed!!!!

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