Nigeria sees any call for referendum as a call for war – Nnamdi Kanu

The IPOB leader made this known on Twitter. He said:

As Ethiopia conducts Referendum in its Sidama region, one is reminded of a similar referendum through which Adamawa became part of Nigeria. Today any demand for referendum is deemed call for war. Why? It’s because Nigeria media portrays it as such just to please the ruling Cabal.

Recall that IPOB had requested for a referendum which the Nigeria federal government refused to grant them. But the IPOB leader is currently seeking assistance of foreign bodies and leaders for the actualisation of the state of Biafra.

According to IPOB, the referendum is to ascertain number of those who want Nigeria politics and those who want Biafra freedom through a peaceful and democratic process for the sovereignty of Biafra nation.

Earlier in 2019, IPOB fixed a referendum for February 16, 2019 same day Nigeria was to hold its presidential election. The referendum was in the form of a sit-at-home order to biafrans, to avoid participating in the Nigerian election which according to IPOB leaders will show to the world that the Biafra people is no longer satisfied with the Nigerian leadership and would therefore want a nation of their own. Though the order was not fully complied with in the biafran region, Biafrans are still waiting for Nnamdi Kanu who is still outside the country, to tell them the next step to take.

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