Allen onyema and Egahaga should step down from their roles in the company pending their clearance from court of all corrupt charges

In order to save the airlines image and allow it to run freely during the period that the fraud trial of the two individual will last in the US courts,
The best thing would be for the its chairman and CFO Allen onyema and Egahaga to step down from their roles in the company pending their clearance from court of all corrupt charges.

Mr onyema who is a patriotic Nigerian that has created many jobs for Nigerians and West African and loves his people should allow that love for country to drive him to resign and save the company reputation from fraud until he is cleared from the allegations which I hope he will be cleared.

In the meantime his wife is the Vice chairman of air peace, she can take over as chairman and another person can take over as CFO of the airline pending their clearance.
This is the standard practice worldwide. If this is done it will in the meantime save the airlines a lot of trouble as they can open fresh business account in the USA devoid of signatories of people facing financial fraud charges in the US courts.
This will enhance the operational efficiency of the airline.

Mr Onyema and Egahaga would now use the time away from the daily demands from the airline operations to focus squarely on the case against them.
By setting up a top US criminal defense team made of US lawyers, not the ones that am seeing making weak statements on Nigerian media.

This case might likely take a while for the trial to be concluded, so to save his company during this trial period, he should do the honorable thing by resigning as that will not be an admission of guilt but a strategic move to save Airpeace.

Once that is done the fraud case will now involve former Air Peace chairman and former CFO thereby creating the needed seperation for the Airline.
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