UK Based Nigerian Actress Victoria Inyama, Graduates From The University Of East London

She shared photos and videos from her graduation on Instagram, excited Victoria wrote:

This university gave me back all d Confidence/Self worth/ self esteem I lost in all my years of Domestic Abuse.

A university where d lecturers really care about d students/was taught to always think outside d box/reason intelligently.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute…. Hopefully back in a bit for another round
#bestuniversity #academicexcellence #proudly a @uel Graduate @uelgraduation

Victoria Inyama obtained her first B.Sc from the University of Lagos. She went back to study counseling at the Lewisham Counseling school of London. She also attended the Greenwich school of management located in London.

Victoria Inyama began her acting career In the 1990s. She Was one of the hottest actresses in the 1990s and early 2000. After getting married to Okri, she relocated to the United Kingdom.

Her marriage to Okri produced three children before it crashed over domestic abuse.

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