Ekiti State Government To Host Ikogosi 10Km Marathon

I need to Talk to you about Ikogosi 10KM Race, The Ikogosi Marathon Initiative places value, believes in, and lives by every day – “can-do” attitude, a priority on strength of trust, willpower, stamina, and a determination to go the distance.
Testing individual courage while bringing together and inspiring people to lead healthier lifestyles, Whatever the reason, these runners and the thousands that come to support them, experience what it means to stand together for a course.
The Ikogosi 10KM Race is truly a run for everyone.

Collection of Race Materials which includes the Running Vests and Running Numbers for all participants starts today 9th Monday – Friday 13th December 2019, 9am to 5pm Daily .
Venue: Fajuyi Pavilion (in front of Government House)

Main Event: Saturday, 14th December 2019.
Starting point- Aramoko Ekiti .
Time – 8am

Proudly brought to you by Ikogosi Marathon Initiative, In Partnership with Ekiti State Government

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