Photos Of Captain Francis Osakwe Who Ferried Odumegwu Ojukwu To Safety (Photo)

Capt Osakwe was so trusted by Gen Ojujwu that he entrusted his life to him. At the last hours of Biafra, Ojukwu had to make that historical departure from Biafra.

Ojukwu’s failure to exit would have been a fatal error of sure death to him. Many other Biafran pilots were ready to do that last flight for the General. But Ojukwu trusted none but Capt Osakwe to ferry him to safety.

A wrong saboteur would have just diverted the plane elsewhere, and the rest is history. Ojukwu trusted Capt Osakwe who delivered him to safety.

Osakwe was from Umuikem village in Onitsha. Any side talk that Onitsha people were not supportive of Biafra is unsubstantiated. Even the chief justice of Biafra, Justice Louis Mbanefo was from Onitsha too. Mbanefo drafted Biafran surrender instrument, and he led Biafra delegates to surrender to Gen Gowon in 1970, Jan 15th.


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