Zimbabwean form three girl Dies During S*x In Generator Room, Family Demands Bride Price

A Highfield form three girl is reported to have died on Saturday evening at PamaStones Shopping Complex in a generator room whilst having sex with a man only identified as John.

The Highfield High 1 School pupil, only identified as Daisy, is reported to have entered a generator room of a local bottle store at the complex with John for a ‘pleasurable moment’ which ended up taking her life.

John is said to be a tuck-shop attendant at one of the tuck-shops at the same complex.
Daisy, who is said to be asthmatic, suffocated during the act due to the carbon monoxide produced by the generator.

John who is reportedly in hospital survived by a whisker after he was found gasping for air when people broke into the generator room after he had fallen on the power cable which cut off power in the bottle store.

“The guy was found gasping for air; people had to break into the generator room.

“He fell onto the power cable which disrupted power in the bottle store, so people rushed to the generator room only to find it locked and broke in and found the girl with no pulse but the guy still had pulse and was gasping for air.

“He had to be rushed to the hospital but I’m not sure which one,” said a source.

Another source revealed that the girl’s family were not taking the issue lightly and did not want to bury their daughter until the bride price has been paid.

“It is being said the girl’s family don’t want anything to do with the burial until John’s family pays bride price because John was already taking her as a wife by sleeping with her,” said the source.

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