Ned Nwoko Declares State Of Emergency On Nigeria, Over High Level Of Malaria

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation has commenced an undaunted and audacious journey towards engaging one of the most resolute solution-oriented war against the age-long malaria endemic in Nigeria and Africa, as it flags-off the “Malaria Eradication Program in Abuja, Nigeria. The project was flagged off at a world press conference yesterday ahead of the symbolic expedition to the Antarctica by Prince Ned Nwoko and wife Regina Nwoko in January 2020, recommended by White Desert Africa as the most Popular couple in Nigeria.

Speaking during the world press conference in Abuja, the Chairman and founder of the Foundation, Prince Ned Munir Nwoko noted that the malaria parasite is a killer and an avoidable illness which can be eradicated through indepth researches and development of anti malaria vaccines to completely put an end to the scourge as this could have saved many including an Egyptian Airline Resident manager in Abuja who died recently. He expressed worries over inadequate vaccines and why governments and Africa institutions have ignored the deaths and impediments caused by malaria to the general wellbeing and development of Africans and their societies.

The International lawyer, however stated that the Malaria Eradication Project is committed to eradicate most of the health challenges suffered by Africans and Nigerians especially the direct and indirect physical and mental impairments traced to malaria, as well as resolving the huge economic loss expended on the parasitic disease which could have been used to support the general growth and development of the society.

In his speech, Nwoko also stressed on the need for a collective approach towards the anti malaria fight. He noted that his foundation will be extensively involved in both long and short term enhancement plans through Academic research grants for malaria vaccines in 5universities across Africa, namely Nigeria, DRCongo, Uganda, Mozambique and Cote d’Ivoire. He stated emphatically that $150,000 will be made available for scientific scholars to discover the the anti malaria vaccine.

The billionaire Philanthropist described the situation as one which Nigeria can manage and resolve independently. He noted that through concerted, concurrent and organized efforts and strategies, there could be general fumigation across homes and environments in Nigeria which is a responsibility that everyone must take up. He buttressed that available funding will also be provided to support the nationwide exercise.

He also stated that sufficient awareness on mass mobilization will be engaged as every institution, public and private agencies, individuals and leaders must realize their roles in achieving fruition for the project. Stressing that the target is to make Nigeria a malaria free zone in the next 5years.

In a reaction from Hon. Udeh, a medical Practitioner, former Anambra Deputy Governor and former member of the green chambers, he established that the Malaria Eradication Project and the Antarctica expedition will further enhance the process of realizing a Malaria free zone in Nigeria and across Africa.

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation has over the years continued to support initiatives and projects cutting across empowerment, education, health, environment and tourism. The foundation will be partnering with United Nation agencies like UNESCO, WHO and UNICEF as well as National Orientation Agency, Ecological Fund, Federal Ministry of Education and Health of African countries to ensure the successful execution of the project through fumigation, grants for research and studies for direct implementation plans as a panacea against the spread of Mosquitoes in Nigeria and Africa.


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