Man with 3 kids dis-virgins his 21-year-old Sales Girl (graphic Photos)

A Facebook user, Ukan Kurugh Ukan, has accused a married man with three kids of raping his 21-year-old sales girl after he invited her to bring the sales book for stock checking before he travels for Christmas.

Ukan Kurugh Ukan shared graphic photos of the blood stained pant of the deflowered sales girl allegedly raped by the boss.

He wrote:


These are blood stained pictures of a 21yr old girl’s pant, wrapper, and gown who was raped last night by her own boss, when he asked her to come give him sales book to check the stock before he travels for the Christmas.

The struggle began and he overpowered the young girl, broke her virginity and caused much bruises.

FIDA, Josephine Haba, Victoria Egwor Daaor and I are on the case, but I want the whole world to know that this little girl must get justice, as the rapist still came to the hospital where she was taken to, to threaten her and also seized her phone.

We are patiently waiting for the Doctor’s report and it would interest us all to know that she also did not take her bath after the sad incidence so the evidence are good enough everywhere.
We are calling on all relevant authorities to come to the aid of this girl because the family needs us more now than ever. The police are on it but her mum is expressing doubt over the matter with the kind of questions they were asking the young girl yesterday.

They family wants the case to be moved to the Police Head Quarters Immediately for further investigation.

I shall name and shame this married man of three(3) little kids (2boys and a girl) later in the evening today.

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