Motorcyclist Kidnaps And Rapes Passenger In Oyo, Kills Her 5-Year-Old Son

Oduola Gbenga, a 37- year-old commercial motorcyclist, who raped a woman and killed her 5- year -old boy on Friday explained how he committed the heinous act. .
The Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Shina Olukolu, said the innocent boy and his mother boarded the motorcycle from Oja Oba Market, Igboora. .
He said: “But, the suspect took the woman and her son to his house at Imeleke Road, Lawal Estate area of the town. He had carnal knowledge of the woman three times before the daybreak. .
The following day, the suspect took the victim’s son to another room where he beheaded him with a cutlass. He claimed to have dumped the remaining body part which was later recovered at the backyard of his house.” .
While speaking with Vanguard, the suspect said, he could not say specifically what prompted him to commit the inhuman act. .
Contrary to the report that he kidnapped them, he claimed that the mother of the deceased was his mistress and that they both had a mutual agreement before taking her and the boy home. .
When asked if the boy was disturbing them from their illicit affairs, he said no. He said: “No, he didn’t disturb us. In fact, we had met privately before I went to the other room to kill the boy and took his remaining body part to the backyard. I don’t know what came over me.”


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