Muslim Woman Decorates CAN Chairman’s House With Christmas Tree In Kaduna

In an effort towards promoting peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance, love and better understanding among different faith-based organization in Nigeria, a Muslim woman, Hajia Ramatu has donated Christmas tree for the decoration of the residence of Kaduna State Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Reverend John Joseph Hayap with the aims of boosting unity, love, and togetherness

Addressing the journalists shortly after decorating the house with Christmas tree, light, stocking, garment and, ornament, with the family of the C.A.N chairman and other members, she expressed her happiness coming to the house to donate her gift

According to her, Kaduna state C.A.N chairman is a man of peace, trust and integrity and this is the way to show him her appreciation toward what he is doing in peace building in entire northern Nigeria”:

She said “| came to the house of the CAN chairman to decorate the house, in order to beautify the home with Christmas Tree, Light, wreaths, stocking, garment, ornament”

Ramatu said, “Christmas provides an opportunity for Muslims to demonstrate to their Christian neighbours that Islam is a faith of peace, love and unity.

She said she wants to use the season in spreading the message of love, peace, unity and togetherness between Muslims and Christians in the state.

She noted that both Muslims and Christians were children of Adam and Eve (biological parents). “Both Muslims and Christians believe in One God (Allah). Both Muslims and Christians have holy books, which are Bible and Qur’an. Both of them believed in life after death.

Ramatu who is a specialist in peace and conflict prevention in Nigeria says, in each and every year, she usually buys Christmas trees and donate to her friends and family in Nigeria and outside.

Stressing that every year, she donate foodstuffs to Christian widows and clothes for orphans in order to celebrate the season with joy and happiness like any other Christians across the planet.

“Christmas is season of sharing, giving, and that is what she loves doing on a season like this”

Adding that “The moment I entered a shop at the Central Market asking them of a Christmas Tree with my hijab, everyone was wondering and asking what would Muslim women got to do with the Christmas Tree?

So, many people were asking me of it, but I know its importance to every Christian in the world. That is why I bought it for my brothers and sisters to enable them know that Muslims are their brothers and sisters. We wish them Happy Christmas and New Year,” she said.

She said she is planning cooking for Christian destitute and some inmates, in order to make them feel happy like any other Christian during Christmas.

“She said, I have many Christian friends, and family during Sallah they also use to send me plenty of gift, and goodies.

While wishing Christians across the planet merry Christmas and happy new year in advance, she equally called on marketers to offer Christmas bonanza, so as to enabled every one buys good in chap price.

She equally called on wealthy Christians to donate food to the IDPs and inmate while appealing to pastor to draw the attention of sensitizing their followers on the importance of visiting sick once at the hospital during the season.

She concluded by calling on wealthy individuals world-wide to help the needy during festivities like Christmas while calling on youth to shun all kinds of bad attitudes.

Responding the chairman Kaduna state Christians association of Nigeria C.A.N reverend john joseph Hayap who expresses his satisfaction over the good gesture by the Muslims woman.

Saying that she is a kind woman

Hayap thanks her for coming to his house and donate the Christmas tree,

He concluded by calling on Muslim and Christian to live in peace and harmony,

While calling on wealthy individual to support the needy during a period like Christmas.

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