Nigerian Woman Jailed In UK For Claiming She’s Homeless But Rented Out Her House


Benefits fraudster who falsely claimed £114,000 after telling council she was homeless while renting out her own house is jailed

*Olusola Owoeye, 49, was jailed for two years for falsely claiming over £114,000
*The mother-of-three bought her own home before claiming she was homeless
*She rented out her property after Bexley Council gave her a flat, a court heard
*Owoeye was found guilty of three charges of fraud following a four-day trial

Olusola Owoeye was described in court as a ‘dishonest, greedy woman’ who wanted money for nothing.

The single mother-of-three bought her own home before claiming she had been made homeless and was then given a flat by her local council, a court heard.

She then rented out her original property – which she had purchased with a fraudulent mortgage – charging tenants up to £820 a month.

Owoeye, 49, who is Nigerian, is thought to be the first person in London to be convicted of fraud after receiving payments while under ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) immigration status. She pocketed more than £114,000 over five years.

Olusola Owoeye

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