Photos Of Russian Eggs That Worth ₦36 BILLION NAIRA (pictures)

Hi guys, I recently visited the Faberge Museum in Saint Petersburg and I took some pictures and made a video of the historical Faberge eggs that are collectively worth ₦36 BILLION NAIRA

Faberge eggs are jewelled eggs created by the House of Fabergé, in St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia. The first Fabergé egg was crafted for Tsar Alexander III, who gifted it to his wife, the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

The due to the finite number of the eggs, they are coveted and rare to collect. The UK Royal family and The Prince of Monaco are among the lucky owners of faberge eggs.
Below is a video of 9 of the original imperial eggs and how much they cost, as well as pictures.

First picture is the Renaissance egg and it’s worth ₦7 BILLION NAIRA

Second picture is the Cockerel egg which is worth ₦1.5 BILLION NAIRA

Third picture is the Duchess of Marlborough egg

And the fourth is the coronation egg which is worth ₦7 BILLION NAIRA

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