My Brother Was Kidnapped At G.U.O Motors – Man Cries Out

This is a matter of concern for the entire people out there who will be travelling this December. It happened to a very close relative of mine; and I don’t want this to happen to you. GUO Motors is a heartless company. And I’d advice any individual who is reading this to quit travelling via using their means of transportation.

Here’s the full story of what happened.

On Saturday the 14th day of December, 2019, my relation went onboard using G.U.O. transport company heading to Port Harcourt, the bus left Lagos around 7:38am expecting to arrive Port Harcourt at most 10pm.

At about past 7pm my mum called my relation which he confirmed the trip was ongoing. He made a call to a close family friend at about 9:20pm informing her they the had a flat tyre and the driver was changing it and that was the last we had of him as he wasn’t picking his calls that night anymore.

On Sunday the 15th of December, the kidnappers called my Relation’s elder Sister and informed her of his kidnap telling her to bring 5million naira as a ransom after which at exactly 6:05pm same Sunday, they called my mum and demanded for same amount.

My mum spoke to my relation for the first time since they abducted him and through his voice one could tell he had been badly tortured, she appealed to them that the only money she could raise was a 100,000naira which infuriated them and they ended the call.

At this time all efforts to reach GUO transport in Port-Harcourt proved abortive as relatives of those abducted bombarded their customer care line with calls telling them of the incidence.

The GUO office was stormed in by relatives and loved ones of the victims including my relative elder sister.

The Company denied knowledge of such incidence back in Lagos, on Monday 16th day of December, i stormed G.U.O office at OKOTA bus terminal where my relative got his ticket alongside my Press Crew with Cameras, on getting there, i went straight to the customer care center requesting to see the Manager in charge of that unit at Okota. Their staff disregarded my request and acted in an uncivilized manner, speaking in Igbo dialect that no one should give me any information.

At that, I became furious and told them their company’s image would be at risk if they don’t grant me access to their Manager. At this point my crew brought out cameras and immediately the Staff began appealing for mercy.

One of the Senior Staff pleaded that the Lagos branch doesn’t have much information regarding the incidence, then she gave me a number of their staff in PORT HARCOURT for more enquiries. i called, a Lady picked up in a very Lousy manner even furious asking why the Lagos office should give out her number to speak to me.
At that moment, i told her that they were in for a big battle with the Press.

Immediately, the Lady who gave me the
Port Harcourt branch number then called Her Boss the Manager of Cele- Okota branch and it didn’t take 20minutes he arrived demanding to speak with my Press Crew in a very diplomatic manner kindly appealing for us to soft pedal on the matter to protect their image.

Then he gave me two numbers to call which was the number of the Manager in charge of the Lagos Head office and one Mr John a Police Man with a rank whom he claimed was in charge of the Onitsha unit overseeing the case.

Mr John’s number was switched off for over 5hours and when i finally got across to him, he claimed that the switched it off because he was in court. However, Mr Dapo the Manager of Lagos Head Office of G.U.O responded trying to be diplomatic by saying the police were working on the case.

The Company tried hiding information from me to protect their image and it was at this point i left giving them an ultimatum of 24hours to seek for the release of the hostages or face legal charges and involvement of the Press in this matter.

On Tuesday 17th day of December, 2019, i forwarded a message to Mr Ekene, the Head of G.U.O Cele Okota branch, Mr Dapo, The Lagos Head Office Manager of G.U.O Transport company and the Port Harcourt branch of G.U.O telling them that since they’ve showed an “I DON’T CARE” attitude, then they should brace up for a legal battle and involvement of the Press in this case.

It was at this point i received a call from the overall Area Manager in charge of the Aba, Owerri and Port Harcourt terminals of G.U.O, in Person of one Alhaji Shehu as He claimed was his identity who pleaded to have a meeting with me and other relatives of the kidnapped passengers.

I told him i was in Lagos but he could contact the elder Sister of my Relative Who Lives in Port Harcourt.

The meeting Alhaji Shehu scheduled was supposed to be for 4pm on that Tuesday after sending general messages to every relatives of the kidnapped passengers as at 2:49pm.

The meeting took place eventually at exactly 5pm as my relative’s elder sister was the only one who arrived for the meeting as other relatives of the victims were angry and refused to be present.

However the meeting went sour when Alhaji claimed that he finally got in touch with the kidnappers that Tuesday and they’ve finalized to a sum of #1 million naira for the release of the kidnapped passengers. Then He said G.U.O can only contribute #500,000 naira while relatives of the victims should contribute #100,000naira each to sum up the one million to free them.

At this point an argument ensued and Alhaji said we can go to the Press but it won’t have effects or bring out those held hostage.

However, unknown to Alhaji Shehu, relatives were Strategizing individually with the Police on releasing the hostages as the company was not committed in seeking for their release including their driver who was held hostage.

At about 7pm, the elder sister of my relative called my mum and said that the Nigerian Police Force informed her that the victims have been rescued, at this moment, my relative was in a critical condition and lost consciousness as a result of beatings, torture, matchet cuts on his leg, head, and other parts of his body.

The police rushed him to the hospital. The doctor and nurses battled to save his life and God was with them and he later regained consciousness.

The Kidnapped Bus has been taken to the station and its in custody of the Police and G.U.O are devising means to bail out their bus and then avoid paying for damages and properties lost by the passengers.

As i speak to you, the Company have been calling my official line with their official numbers and other unknown numbers.

I am not inclined to speaking with G.U.O alone now, since I have involved the press in the matter.

All I seek for is justice and payment due to damages done to my relative as all his original certificates, international passport, phones, medications, clothes, shoes, and other personal items including the medical bills that is currently running to treat his battered body.

G.U.O are now acting up in protecting their Transportation Company’s image from being tarnished.

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