China Conduct Military Parade, In A show Of Force, Can Hit U.S Soil In 30 minutes

 A formation of fighter jets trailing coloured smoke and led by a plane with a radar dish flew low over the capital

Speculation was rife as to what weapons would be unveiled, with parade rehearsals showing missiles and aircraft under camouflage wraps.

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 A formation of Dongfeng-17 conventional missiles at today's military parade

One of the most closely-watched weapons unveiled on Tuesday was the Dongfeng-17, a nuclear-capable glider that foreign analysts say is designed to manoeuvre at high speed to evade anti-missile defences.

The Chinese government is keen to assert its dominance in Asia and particularly in the South China Sea where it has been busy building militarised islands in international waters.

And its clear message to the US  is that it is getting closer than ever to matching it in terms of military might.

A defence ministry spokesman recently said Beijing had no intention to “flex its muscles” but was instead keen to show a “peace-loving and responsible China”.

But, President Xi Jinping warned at the event: “No force can shake the status of our great motherland, and no force can stop the progress of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.”

The major ceremony was held to mark the day that Mao Zedong pronounced the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949 from the imposing Tiananmen Gate.

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