We Must Achieve Igbo Nationalism First Before Talk About Igbo Presidency 2023

To most Igbos, Igbo is a nation, yes that’s correct but the factors which comprises Igbo into a nation are not being nurtured, yes we share a common language, culture and tradition, we sees one another as one but when it comes to politics is a different game all-together, we fail to understand that of all the factors comprising a nation the most important is the ”POLITICAL” for any nation to suffice it must be politically stable.

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Igbo should be able to govern themselves within the Igbo space first before talking about a Nigeria President of Igbo extraction ”ana esi na ulo mara nma welu puta iro” Igbo should be able to develop a political philosophy and live by it, today if I may ask what is the Igbo political direction? what is the pursuit? going out there begging to be made Nigerian President or indirectly begging for Vice President is degrading and insulting to the great Igbo race, come to think of it has there been anywhere in history that power was given? on the premise that the people begged and begged for it? or is it ploy to shy away from doing the real political work?

When in Igbo land today somebody from Abia state cannot be voted a Governor in Imo state even though he was born and brought up in Imo state, and an Igbo man from Anambra state born, schooled, created jobs, pay taxes in Ebony state cannot be allowed to vie for governorship of Ebony state, because Igbo do not see themselves as one when it comes to politics, there was a time a sitting governor in one of the so called five core Igbo states dismissed civil servants who has been in the state civil service decades before his becoming governor, some of them has work for 30yrs, 25yrs, 20yrs, this governor after squandering all the state fund sacked these people without benefit under the guise that they re non-indigenes, these are fellow Igbos who has put in virtually all their lives in the state service and after this madness no Igbo leader condemned it, at least non that I heard of.

Political oneness is all we need to bind Igbo together, develop and industrialise Ala-Igbo, we were at a time one Eastern region having only one governor, what they called Southeast today was at a time two states, so as they keep dividing us we fall apart in line with their gerrymandering, it simply showcases lack of leadership in Ala-Igbo, we must face reality and do the first thing first.

By Ebube Dike

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