Why Igbo Youths Must Join Politics

Politics can simply be defined as ”struggle for power”. when we talk about politics we talk about who controls what? who makes what policy? who decides your rights? who controls who? who allocates our resources? who makes laws and policies? who decides who lives and who dies? e.t.c.

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There are various forms of government, in all of them, it is the elites, the rich, the educated, and the wise ones that governs or rule, the ones that has stakes who has something to loose should things go wrong, from our research the Igbos are the most qualify people for leadership in Nigeria, but it seems they don’t understand this fact, the ones all over the place parading themselves as Igbo leaders are the least qualify, Igbo youth need to join politics, let this consciousness take root and grow in us, we must begin to join political parties learn to hold our leaders to account, if we desire any change it is by participating in politics that we can carry it out.

How can you own the large majority of businesses and markets in Nigeria and not care about who becomes the Governor, who becomes the assembly member and who becomes the Senator or Rep member, you pay taxes to the government and you re the economic engine of Nigeria, the policies made by this politicians affects you directly, and yet most of our people are still sleeping even with all the education and expertise.

Nigeria is a democracy I know that some persons may disagree with this, but the fact remains that Nigeria is democracy, because some of the features of Democracy are still there is Nigerian democracy, at least we still conduct elections every four years, we should all join politics to effect the changes we desire, we should move beyond this crying and agitation stage and take the bull by the horn, your destiny is in your hand decide your fate by joining politics.. if we do so the the stage will be so challenging and competitive that only the quality hands will emerge.

In conclusion, I have this to say, we must all study and know the true political history of Nigeria, Igbo Youths should wake up, osita di nma oka odiwara gboo…  owning businesses all over the places and care not about politics is tantamount to voluntary slavery, peace be unto you.

By Ebube Dike.

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