We Informed Military Before The Attack But Nothing Was Done, Zabarmari Residents Say

Residents of Zabarmari have claimed that the recent killing of rice farmers would not have happened if the Nigerian military had taken action after being informed of the impending attack.

According to Daily Trust, one of the surviving villagers, who gave his name as Abubakar Salihu, said they foresaw danger after they arrested one of the Boko Haram terrorists and handed him to the security operatives.

“We informed military beforehand that our members sighted Boko Haram in large numbers, but nothing was done about it.

“It was a sad day for us in Zabarmari; it could have been averted, but the military failed to act on the information we gave them,” he said.

Also, Mohammed Alhaji, a rice farmer, said the victims were busy harvesting rice when the insurgents summoned and assembled them.

“It was a deliberate act to ensure that we do not harvest our farm produce. We need the Federal Government to assist us and secure our lives,” he said.

The attack happened on Saturday, as the Boko Haram terrorists rounded up farmers on the rice fields and beheaded them.

No fewer than 43 bodies were recovered in one location after the attack. The bodies, recovered from other locations, according to the United Nations, have raised the death toll to 110.

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