Kaduna Immigration Office Has No Booklets

Alright, so myself and two other persons are slated to represent Nigeria in Israel at the world Bible Competition this year. This is after a rigorous process of biblical knowledge display. This post isn’t for this sha. I’ll share about it on a later day.
My joy of traveling and representing the country, networking and doing every other thing I’ve had in my mind to bettering my life all along is about to go down the drain, as the Nigeria immigration, Kaduna Head quarters has been unable to give me my passport nearly four weeks after application.
The reason is one of the stupidest I’ve heard in a long time: they do not have booklet to print my passport.

While I’ve been quiet about this all along, today I am out of patience. I’ve used all the strings of relationship I have to sort this out all to no avail, the story still remained the same, the entire Kaduna command ran out of booklet for printing passports and have been expecting resupply for over four weeks now. Four terrible weeks.
This morning one of the personnel there still made an attempt to make it all my fault saying, since I knew I needed my passport someone in my capacity should have had one before now and not come to be pressuring them now.
This is for something that is supposed to just take three working days. Something I’ve tried getting last year and had to abandon it since I couldn’t keep up with their lackluster attitude and was in Kano already.
Surprisingly, the booklets seemed to have been exhausted even before I went for my documentation. Why they still went ahead to run my documentation knowing that they don’t have booklets for printing is something I’m still unable to decipher, shey I would have gone to Kano àbí Abuja for the documentation.
This morning they were still running documentation for some other persons and one of the personnel was promising and telling them to come pick an ‘audio’ passport on Tuesday next week.
My team and I are slated to leave Nigeria on Tuesday, 17th, chances are that I may not make that trip if I’m unable to get my passport via a miracle.
I need help from anyone with capacity to help me. It wouldn’t make sense that I’m about to become a victim of this failed system.
Moderators please help me share this, .someone might be of assistance when it’s on front page.

I need redress.

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