EDUCATIVE | The Phrase Igbo Enwe Eze! Fact Or False Narrative? Find Out!

By Ezennanyereugo

A closer look at this question will reveal a couple facts regarding it.

“IGBO ENWE EZE!” when translated means the Igbos have no KING or CENTRAL LEADERSHIP


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The Igbo society is a well organised one with a well founded type of government in which it has well institutionalized institutions serving different purposes.

Institutions like “Masquerade cults”, “Arusi cults”, “Isi obi council”, “Ndi Ichie council”, “Nze na Ozo society”, e.t.c. these institutions have their different functions as part and parcel of the government.

The Igbo society have some lay down rules and regulations [ OMENANI and ODINANI ] these are rooted and are consensus agreed laws,  which serves as the Constitution and Bylaws, the Nze na Ozo society, Ndi Ichie council, and Isi Obi council, are some of the interpreters of these laws and the decision makers.

The oldest Isi Obi is automatically the head of the community or the king, and must act within the confine of these OMENANI and ODINANI in agreement with the councils working with him.

Where the Igbos have a king as the leader, he does not have absolute powers, must act within the confine of OMENANI and ODINANI just like what you have in then Aro Confederacy and Nri Kingdom.

The Igbos have their nations in sizes just like what you have in Europe, the Europeans are virtually the same people, but with different nationalities.

The Igbos also just like every other West African people have their nations in sizes, until the British came and brought all of them together as one nation, and since then they have always have one towering leader who commands the loyalty of all, they had it in NNAMDI AZIKIWE they followed and worshiped him from the 1940s to 1980s, they aslo had it EMEKA OJUKWU who led them to war fought against the Igbo annihilation [ GENOCIDE ], till his death they stood by him, and now they have it in NNAMDI KANU who millions of Igbo youths are ready to die for.

By now my readers must have seen that “IGBO NWELU EZE” as against the false narrative “IGBO ENWE EZE!”

By Ezennanyereugo

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