The Igbo Very Good At Anything They Set Out To Do | Why The Fulani Led Nigerian Government Should Negotiate With Nnamdi Kanu Led IPOB Before It’s Too Late

By Eze Nnanyereugo

In the entire black race their is only one specie that can compete with the white Caucasians and beat them in all ramifications.

The black race has been rated as the lowest human specie in the world, being regarded as shit hole people, as black monkeys and lower than animals, the blacks have suffered many degradations and abuses, e.g. slavery, colonization, genocide, deception, brain washing, intimidation e.t.c.

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I remember the breach of agreement by the British against king Jaja of Opobo and how they forced him to die in exile, how they also forced king Koko of Nembe into exile after the British sought his arrest following the British violation of the trade agreement between them, how blacks were taken into slavery and forced into their farms like animals to work it, how Christianity was used to brain wash and carting away of their values and heritages, how everything African was demonized, how the white Americans with the entire Europe united against a tiny Haiti to suppress them into paying reparation to France who lorded it over and enslaved them, this is just mentioning a few to buttress some of my points

Regardless of what the white Caucasians think or do the Igbos among the black race are distinguished, their excellence, capacity, energy, insight, intelligence, creations, ability, industrial nature, works, e.t.c. is their for all to see.

The ability of Igbo man is there for all to see, how they invented surface to air missile and air to air missile [Ogbunigwe] in the 60s under a blockade during Nigeria Biafra war, where the Igbos defended against a combine force of British, USSR, Egypt/entire Arab world with collaboration of the US and held them for three years until a seize fire agreement was reached, Note. not surrender.

In 1914 Lord Frederick Lugard wrote: “the great Ibo race to the East of the Niger, numbering some 3 millions, and their cognate tribes had not developed beyond the stage of primitive savagery, ……… obviously Lugard was writing to spite, degrade, annoy, distort the history of the Igbos, out of sheer hatred, because looking at the his statement the Igbos were more than 3 million at the time, already have a define way of government so cannot be said to be primitive at the time, but in all that Lugard still refer to the Igbos as great, their is a reason for that, in our subsequent articles we will wade into it.

Western education came into Nigeria first in Lagos in 1842 followed by other parts of Western Nigeria, it took about sixty five years later for it to come to Igbo land and the Igbo overtook the Yoruba in education twenty five years later,  in that prior to independence the Igbos were already the leading figures in Nigeria, were the ones who led the struggle for independence, “that is Igbo man for you”.

In commerce, transport, industry, agriculture, entertainment, health care/medicine e.t.c. the Igbos are doing great and are leading in all these sectors in Nigeria in the face of a harsh government policies against them, just like the saying in igbo adage ” palm of hand is incapable of covering the moon ” their is nothing anybody can do about the ability of an Igbo man.

The Igbos have ways of organizing themselves cannot be ruled, can only be governed, are egalitarians, are all financial dependent, can finance and engineer any project they set out to do.

The Fulani led federal government should consider all the points made in this article, should never underrate what the Igbos can do, should remember “EKUMEKU RESISTANCE” remember “THE EXPLOITS OF BIAFRANS DURING THE WAR” should entrench equality and justice in Nigerian system, should negotiate with Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB now before it’s too late.

By Eze Nnanyereugo.

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