“Hellfire Is Your Last Bustop” – AY blasts Slay Queens Praying & Twerking In Panties (photos)

Hellfire Is Waiting For You – AY Blasts Slay Queens Praying & Twerking In Panties And Bra (Pictures, Video)

*Don’t Judge, Fans Fire Back
Comedian AY Makun is angry over what he saw some sexy slay queens do in the video he shared online.

In the video, the beautiful slay queens who were dressed in undies, panties and bra were seen praying to God in an
unusual ‘crazy’ manner, with ‘foul’ language.
This got the popular comedian angry and made him conclude they are going to hellfire.

One of the curvy slay queens even knelt down and started twerking in sexy manner while the prayers were ongoing as the others tapped her bum bum.

Sharing the video, AY wrote:

“I don’t think there is any other better way to confirm that HELL has enough rooms and BQ waiting for some people…”

However, some of AY’s fans and followers told AY that he has no right to judge the slay queens. While others condemned the slay queens for what they did.

On whose side are you?

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